Coach Q’s Story

Chris Quickert, HomeSchool Gym founder.
Chris Quickert, HomeSchool Gym founder.

Christopher Quickert isn’t above performing pratfalls if that’s what it takes to help a build a child’s confidence and skills in the gymnasium. Known as “Coach Q” or “Coach Chris” to his students, Quickert began teaching fitness classes for kids at a Columbus Recreation Center in 2003, the same year he began to homeschool his daughter Aiden.

As his classes in soccer skills, tag rugby, team handball and ultimate Frisbee were largely attended by homeschooled children, he began working on a program just for them.

Equipped with a Bachelors’ of Science and Masters of Education from the Ohio State University, Quickert had seen the problems of contemporary classrooms firsthand. Little was accomplished because of the amount of time teachers spent managing behavior instead of teaching.  Determined to do things differently, Quickert learned that listening to his students, respecting them and above all, making sure they stay active and have fun has kept the need for management to a minimum.

“You have to respect kids to do this,” says Quickert. “I like the way their brains work. When I talk to a kid, I listen with genuine interest, and that gives me better ideas about how to help them in class.”

He incorporated his program as the HomeSchool Gym in 2004 as it began to expand from a single recreation center to several. Now in multiple locations, both urban and suburban, it has become one of the most popular resources for Central Ohio’s substantial homeschooling community.



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