Philosophy & Mission

Parents don’t always have the best childhood memories of physical education classes. Maybe they were asked, as young children, to sit frustratingly still during long lectures on the rules of game play. Or maybe elimination games left them benched and humiliated, robbing them of the opportunity to develop the skills they needed to improve.

In the HomeSchool Gym, children of all skill and fitness levels are invited to have fun and keep their bodies moving. It is our aim to help them improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness and build their confidence in a structured, noncompetitive environment.


Mission Statement

The HomeSchool Gym provides a safe and positive physical education experience for homeschooled children.  We use a variety of games and activities that are both fun and educational.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which children of varying ages can come together and learn physical skills that will lead them to a lifetime of health, fitness and fun.