Homeschool Gym Assessments

This Summer I will be at various locations throughout the area for park days. For these days I will make one hour appointments throughout the day for folks in the area. To make an appointment and check availability, call or email.

Any other time this summer I will continue to conduct assessments from my home in the north end of Columbus and/or Whetstone Library. Call or email for availability.

The Process:
The assessment process, or portfolio review, is basically an interview process. I take a look at a cross-section of samples of a child’s work and discuss the work with the child and the parents. This interview process generally takes about an hour. As the parents and children are the best judge of the learning process I feel that the portfolio review assessment is the best representation for learning in homeschooled children.

What I expect to see:
I have done assessments in which there has been little in the way of paperwork. In such cases I talk with the parents and child in order to get an understanding of the learning that is taking place. I have also done assessments in which there have been multiple laundry baskets stuffed full of books, binders, science experiments and art projects. Somewhere in between those two is probably sufficient but it all depends on teaching/learning style of the family involved. I often find that the young people really enjoy showing off what they can do. Unlike a test, which is somewhat abstract to a child, the portfolio is a representative of them. There is a real sense of pride when a child can see what they were doing in September and compare it to May. Expect lots of dumb jokes. This should be fun and it most always is!!!

I will be scheduling all from now through the Autumn (some of us lose track of time)! I typically do the assessment out of my home in Clintonville. However, I do set up days on location such as Slate Run Park, Hilliard, Whetstone Rec. Center and more. Be on the lookout for those days!

The cost is $45 for one child and $60 for two and $75 for three or more children with a $5 discount for all HomeSchool Gym students.

Contact: — (614)288-5387