Ages 5-6

The most important goal for these classes is to give children a positive introduction to fitness. They learn a variety of fundamental skills, but most of all, they learn to love to play.

The list of classes here is not exhaustive. The HomeSchool Gym instructors may offer a wide variety of sports and activities depending on teaching style and experience of the young people in class. Classes MAY include any of the following:

This class introduces children to the idea of game play while encouraging dribbling, passing and kicking skills. The non-competitive environment allows children highly active learning time. For most of the activities, each child has her/his own soccer ball.

Gym Jam
This class utilizes fun and engaging games to develop motor skills such as throwing, catching and kicking, as well as locomotor skills: running, jumping, hopping and skipping. A very popular class, it uses games that allow children to work together.

Parachute Games
Parachute Games get your young ones moving in a high energy/low impact activity. We don’t know of any child of this age whose face does not light up at the sight of a big, colorful parachute. These are great activities that teach your child to work cooperatively with others while having loads of fun.

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