Ages 9-11

At this age level, some kids may begin to feel self-conscious, so activities are designed with a sharp eye on the dynamics of the group, ultimately promoting healthy play without fear or shame.

The list of classes here is not exhaustive. The HomeSchool Gym instructors may offer a wide variety of sports and activities depending on teaching style and experience of the young people in class. Classes MAY include any of the following:

This class focuses on dribbling, passing and kicking skills as well as advance tactical ability (game strategies) in game play. We use drills that have been developed into fun modified games that improve skill as well as tactical knowledge of soccer.

Fitness Fun
Similar in approach as the Gym Jam for younger children, this class utilizes fun and engaging games in a group setting to get young ones moving. The highly active and educational games included in this class will give students the confidence and skills for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Flag Football
The most popular sport in North America, a non-contact version of American Football, Flag Football can and is played all over the world. Using the “games approach,” this class provides a basic understanding of the rules, strategies and tactics of the game. If you think you have to be as big as a 300-pound lineman, think again.

Tag Rugby
Tag Rugby, like Flag Football, is a non-contact sport. This Australian game is fun and challenging. Using the “games approach” this class provides a basic understanding of the rules, strategies and tactics of the game. You don’t have to be the big, burly type to be able to play Tag Rugby. It’s for everyone.

Ultimate Frisbee
One of the fastest sports on two feet, Ultimate Frisbee is an easy and fun game to play. An exciting, non-contact team sport, Ultimate mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball and Football into a simple yet engaging and demanding game. The simplicity of the rules makes it easy and fun for newcomers to pick up.



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