Kids’ FAQ

Q. I’m not very competitive in sports.
A. Well, that’s not really a question but I know what you mean. I’m not either. I like to have fun. So, in the HomeSchool Gym classes we make sure to have fun first of all. When we learn sports’ skills we use a lot of fun games to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn in their own way.

Q. My mom and dad go to the gym. All they do is run on a treadmill and lift weights. Is that what we’re going to do? It doesn’t really sound fun.
A. Hey, I go to the gym too but I like that kind of thing. In the HomeSchool Gym classes we do all kinds of things. Some sessions we play parachute games, games with scooter boards and games with dodge balls. Other times we will learn sports like Floor Hockey and Basketball.

Q. This is my first year homeschooling. When I was in school last year, our gym teacher always had us standing in line waiting our turn. We didn’t really get to play a lot. Is that what the HomeSchool Gym is going to be like?
A. No way!!! What’s the point of having a gym class if you aren’t going to have fun and get exercise?! We play almost non-stop! Plus, we try to have enough equipment so that everyone has a chance to play all of the time.

Q. What do we usually do here? What are the rules here?
Good question! I can tell you are homeschooled. Well, we do a lot of different things in class. Sometimes we learn to play sports and sometimes we play fun games to get moving. We always have fun. There aren’t a whole lot of rules but some very important ones. Since we are in a big group in class it is important to be respectful of those around us by not talking when the coach is talking, keeping our hands to ourselves and things like that. When you join the class we can talk about those kinds of things.

Q. Can we play tennis, soccer, football, basketball, baseball or any other sport?
A. Yes.

Q. Sometimes my favorite stuffed animal wants to play too. She gets bored just sitting with my mom and my little brother on the side. Can she come out and play too? By the way, her name is Princess Sparkles.
A. Well, when we play a lot of our games we need our hands to catch yarn balls or play with the parachute. It isn’t always safe to have our stuffed animals out on the floor. I’ll tell you what you can do. You promise to teach Princess Sparkles all of the games after class and that way she will have her own HomeSchool Gym class too.

Q. One of the reasons I decided to homeschool is because I have a difficult time sitting still a long time. After a while I just feel like jumping up and down like a crazy person. What should I do if that happens in gym class?
A. Wow! Me too! When I was a kid I would get in trouble a lot for getting squirmy so I totally understand what you mean. I figured out that, if we listen well and follow instructions in gym class, we won’t have to sit around too long. So when the coach is explaining the activities, do your best to pay attention and keep your hands to yourself and we’ll get to play more. It’s that simple.