Parent FAQ

Q. How long is each class in a session?
A. The typical length of a class in a six-week session is about 45 minutes to allow for preparation time and transition time from class to class.

Q. Where will the classes take place?
A. The HomeSchool Gym conducts classes in church gymnasiums and recreation centers in various communities throughout Central Ohio. Click here to see if a class is being held near you. If you would like to bring the HomeSchool Gym to your area, click here.

Q. Are the age ranges for your classes strict?
A. No, the instructor is able to modify games and classes to accommodate a wide variety of age ranges and skill levels. However, safety is our number one concern so this is done within reason.

Q. How many students are in a typical HomeSchool Gym class?
A. For most of the activities that we offer we require a minimum of 10 students in each age group. However, to ensure maximum participation for each student, as classes grow we will add new classes to accommodate for this.

Q. My son/daughter(s) is/are not competitive. What do you do to get the most reluctant children involved in your classes?
A. We do understand that even with children of the exact same age there is a wide variety of skill level, comfort level and physicality. Therefore, it is our mission to treat each child on his/her own terms while in the class. Each of the classes in the HomeSchool Gym curriculum is designed for maximum participation.

Q. There are many choices of activities. What about combining classes for a variety throughout the session?
A. We are understanding of the fact that parents and children would enjoy a variety of activities. With this in mind, we are flexible and can combine classes like Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee for two shorter sessions. However, we also feel that a minimum of time is needed to properly teach rules, techniques and game play of certain activities. Simply contact The HomeSchool Gym’s instructor/s to discuss these possibilities.

Q. Will you add classes to your curriculum?
A. Yes. We at The HomeSchool Gym never stop learning. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to expand our services to satisfy the needs and wants of our students. If you would like to make a suggestion, simply click here to visit our suggestion box.

Q. How much does the HomeSchool Gym charge for a session?
A. The cost for each session is dependent upon the type of class, preparation time, physical space and equipment required. Other considerations may be the number of children in a family that will be participating.  To find out about about the classes at your neighborhood location, go to our signup page. If you can’t find your answer there, please contact us.

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